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2021 Spiritual Glow Detox

Guided by Constance Glow

"Honoring The Self"

Benefits: mental clarity, release burdens, wipe the slate clean, see life differently. 


Glow Detox Kit 
- Ayurvedic approach to detoxing 
- Glow bush tea
- Danburite detoxification crystal 
- Tongue scrapper 
- Dry brush for flushing toxins 
- Moon diet plan
- Belly beads for waist training (optional)
- Healthy Recipes 
- Ebook with instructions and daily schedule to support your journey 

Astrological scan of you
- Your personal chart: Sun, Moon, Rising signs
- Important aspects: Your Moon phase when you were born 
- What kind of astrological year will you have 
- Zoom in on specific features of yourself 

Community Support 

- Weekly Zoom meeting, live weekly yoga, meditation and discussions on Ayurveda.
- Share recipes 
- Give support so we can pass the glass ceiling on reaching our greatest version 

One on one meeting 
- 30 minute Zoom meeting with Constance to complete intake for detox
- Set goals and intentions for the detox
- How to set up alter for spiritual development during the detox

We will refrain from meat, dairy, caffeine, sugar, extremely spicy foods, processed foods, and alcoholic beverages. 

If you're ready to take a risk an try something new, then get started today! Sign up anytime. 


Cost: $99

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