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5 reasons why waxing is better than shaving

Waxing vs. Shaving: As a fan of waxing I can say hands down that waxing is better than shaving! If you get waxed, I'm sure you can agree. We all need a quick and reliable solution for removing body and facial hair, and waxing is definitely the best way. 1. No razor burn or bumps 2. Reduce hair regrowth 3. Hair grows in soft 4. Saves time 5. Long lasting results      

How to Solve The Biggest Skin Problems with a Simple Mind Shift

Constance Franks

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Before you grab the tooth paste to get rid of a zit, open up to a new approach.At some point we have to know that there has got to be an easier way to fix our skin problems.“The single most powerful asset we have is our mind. If trained well, it can create enormous wealth” By: Robert Kiyoaki.Just a mind shift can instantly improve your skin. The universe will organize everything and align your body, mind, and soul with what you want.On the contrary if you say things like “nothing ever works for me, no matter what I use” or...

5 Amazing tools you should have in your life to heal your skin.

Constance Franks

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5 Amazing tools you should have in your life to heal your skin. 1. Constance Glow kit: includes a 3-step daily treatment to groom the skin. Prevents acne, aging, dark spots and more. Use it 2 times daily. 2. Constance Glow Bush Tea: Most of wait until we get a cold to drink a hot cup of tea. But since I’ve incorporated into my daily routines, it has changed my life dramatically. Drinking hot tea removes toxins from the body and keeps the skin clear. Have you ever noticed that at certain restaurants they bring out hot tea after the...