5 Amazing tools you should have in your life to heal your skin.

5 Amazing tools you should have in your life to heal your skin.

1. Constance Glow kit: includes a 3-step daily treatment to groom the skin. Prevents acne, aging, dark spots and more. Use it 2 times daily.

2. Constance Glow Bush Tea: Most of wait until we get a cold to drink a hot cup of tea. But since I’ve incorporated into my daily routines, it has changed my life dramatically. Drinking hot tea removes toxins from the body and keeps the skin clear. Have you ever noticed that at certain restaurants they bring out hot tea after the meal? Take a page from their note book!

3. Constance Glow Golden pills: They are made with ginger and turmeric. The pills were designed to kill and yeast/bacteria internally. The herbs are #1 & #2 universally for healing. If you have a pending breakout, the pills work on the inside to stop the bacteria from traveling to the surface.

4. Wash your face with your hands: using your hands to wash your face is more effective than using sponges, cotton, or facial gloves and scrubs. The grips from our hands help to remove the day’s dirt gently from the surface.

5. Exfoliate with Q-tips. Yes I know this sounds silly, however using Q-tips verses a Clarisonic brush is 99% more effective. Why? Because when used properly it removes build up from the face that the Clarisonic spread around.

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